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Gutzwiller Fonds Mngt. AG
François Boulte
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Jurgen von Mach
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ISIN (USD) CH0012453558

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Ernst & Young AG, Basel

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Gutzwiller ONE (USD) - US Equities Long Only

Investment Objective

The fundamental investment objective of the fund is to provide significant long-term capital appreciation by investing primarily in a well-diversified portfolio of quality U.S. common stock at discounted value.


Track record


Investment Strategy

The investment approach is based on a pure bottom-up fundamental research. The Portfolio can invest in large, medium and small cap stocks.

To achieve the fund's investment objectives, team actively seeks stocks of established companies that it believes the market has undervalued. Management utilizes a highly disciplined, bottom-up, value-oriented approach to look for growing companies at discounted or reasonable valuation.

It combines "value investing" with "non consensus thinking".
Today the fund is mainly invested in blue chip companies with global operations.

The investment policy pursues the principle of risk diversification and aims to achieve a long term out performance in comparison to the S&P 500 Total Return Index.

Fund Features

- Long track record
- Quality Investment Focus
- Concentrated portfolio of the most US established companies with strong diversification within business operations
- High Focus on profitability, and growth potential at reasonable valuation
- Management act as investor and not speculator
- Low turnover